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Sophie Kovic and Me, a Sugar-Dating Story

Sophie Kovic Sugar Baby from byron bay

Why I Chose a Sugar-Dating Arrangement With Sophie Kovic

I’ve decided to give a candid account of my eight-month sugar-dating arrangement with Sophie Kovic from Byron Bay, for the benefit of others who may be seeking a sugar-baby.

My relationship with Sophie Kovic had an enormous effect on my life. It took me from a carefree, happy, smiling person who was always joking around to deep depression.

Our arrangement lasted from September 2022 to April 2023.

So let’s start at the beginning, because it is a very good place to start.

In hindsight, Sophie Kovic was callous and cruel to me. She consistently lied to me and manipulated me. I came to understand, too late, that she could not be trusted. Luckily, I got through it, but not unscathed. The scars remain.

I have always had what I considered a charmed life. I’ve travelled extensively, always had people around who loved me, and have done well financially. I couldn’t really have asked for more, but all castles crumble.

To cut a long story short, my long-term relationship ended, and I was left in a kind of quandary. I wanted companionship and intimacy, but I didn’t want to jump into another full-time relationship.

It was then a good friend recommended I try sugar-dating and suggested the website This is the most popular sugar-dating website in the world.

In September 2022 I was contacted by Sophie Kovic. She was advertising as a sugar-baby under the alias of Claudia, contacted me with interest in meeting up.

Her profile stated:

Sophie Kovic Sugar Baby in India

“I am interested in forming an allowance based relationship with someone who I find kind but also mentally stimulating… I am open to platonic or online relationships too.”

— Sophie Kovic, profile

At the time, Sophie Kovic was 36 years old and had just broken up with her long-term partner, Peter Lawrence.

As I found out to my detriment, that breakup would not last long. She would soon be dating him again whilst still in an arrangement with me. Sophie was essentially leading a double life, keeping the truth about our arrangement a secret from him and her family. This behaviour would go on for 8 months.

Sophie Kovic’s Motivation for Being a Sugar-Baby

Sophie Kovic had worked as a sugar-baby before. She had done this at times of financial stress.

Outwardly Sophie Kovic appeared to be a successful businesswoman, owning her own company, Seed & Sprout. During the previous year, Seed & Sprout had fallen on severe financial hardship, and she had lost the drive to bring it back to profitability. That led her to take the easy option of entering a contract for sex-work with me in order to maintain her lifestyle.

Sophie Kovic - My sugar baby and I on Hayman Island

A message from Sophie Kovic:

Sophie Kovic my sugar baby smiling at me

“My son is in private school. I live in a nice place, I have an unfinished project to wrap up. I like to eat organic food. Harry, Archie and I are used to and enjoy a nice quality of life… When I joined SA ( I was hoping to add an extra $5000 or so per month to my income so I could pay my rent ($800/week).”

— Sophie Kovic, 2nd September 2022

Sophie Kovic came from a broken home, with an absentee father. She craves attention from older male role models, but in my experience doesn’t treat them well. Maybe that is a subconscious payback for a feeling that her father abandoned her.

Importantly, Sophie Kovic’s long-term partner Peter Lawrence was more than capable of looking after her financially. Despite this, Sophie still chose to lead a double life as a sugar-baby. This may show that her motivation was more than financial. I believe she felt a deep seated unhappiness that led her to sex-work.

This resulted in Sophie being on a mental health plan and regularly seeing a psychologist.

When I started my sugar-dating relationship with Sophie Kovic, she was suffering from depression, anxiety and emotional stress. Much of this regarded her break up with her long term partner Peter Lawrence, as well as the financial difficulties of her company Seed & Sprout.

Initially we met on the beach at Brunswick heads. We hit it off and decided to have a dinner date at the Pink Lotus restaurant in Mullumbimby, which was walking distance from the flat she rented.

Sugar baby Sophie Kovic drinks champagne on the beach

The first date went well, and we agreed to terms for a contract. I would pay Sophie Kovic a generous monthly allowance in return for rendezvous and sexual favours at least once per week. It was a contract for companionship and sex-work.

From that first date, our contractual arrangement turned into a whirlwind romance. We dated regularly and Sophie Kovic would stay over at my place two or three times a week.

During this time, she told me she had fallen in love with me and we talked of living together. In hindsight I believe this was just another lie — part of her plan to keep me on hook.

Sophie Kovic told a lot of lies during our eight-month arrangement. I came to believe that she is a compulsive liar, and that she regularly bends the truth for her own benefit without remorse or contrition.

The first 3 months of our arrangement were great. At least it seemed that way to me. We saw each other a lot and it felt like a real relationship rather than a contract.

I took Sophie Kovic on 5-star holidays to Hayman Island and India, and despite my initial wish not to form an emotional bond with my sugar-baby, that is exactly what happened. Sophie Kovic took advantage of this, and advantage of me over the next five to six months.

Things seemed to progress like a normal relationship, rather than an arrangement. Sophie Kovic told me she was in love with me and we talked extensively about a future together, including her moving in with me at my property outside Bangalow.

I later realised this was all a fabrication and lie, designed to keep me on hook so that her income stream was assured. It is still hard for me to believe that anyone could be so cavalier and callous with another person’s heart.

Sophie Kovic Leads a Double Life

Sophie Kovic essentially lead a double life, keeping our relationship and financial arrangement secret from her family and long term partner Peter Lawrence.

She would spend one or two nights a week with me, whist spending the following 2 nights with Peter Lawrence.

Until Christmas 2022, our relationship was kept secret from her family.

On meeting her brother-in-law Craig Goldsworthy at Christmas, Sophie Kovic introduced me as a “friend”, however the truth of our intimate relationship became known shortly afterwards when one of Sophie’s lies backfired.

Sophie Kovic Sugar Baby gifts

It was in late October 2022, the day after my father passed away. Sophie Kovic sat down with me and told me she was going to start dating her ex-partner Peter Lawrence again. She told me she hoped it wouldn’t work out, so that we could be together but she had to try.

We then went to India for a holiday, which was great. At this point, Peter Lawrence knew about my relationship with Sophie Kovic, however he did not know that it was also a financial contract.

Peter was upset that Sophie was seeing someone else, and Sophie worried about his behaviour towards her.

On 5th October 2022, Sophie Kovic messaged me her concerns:

Sophie Kovic sugar baby arrangement

“He’ll be like a desperate wildcat cornered and try to lash out at anything. He’s never seriously injured me, but he can get a little passionate…. What can I say, it’s just like a squeeze too hard or pushing me or grabbing me… He was a horrible fighter.”

— Sophie Kovic, 5th Octover 2022

After the trip to India, Sophie Kovic’s lies and omissions started to become more evident. Sophie knew I had feelings for her, and she maintained that she still had feelings for me as well.

At Christmas time she asked me to help prepare her property at The Channon (The Farm) for a family Christmas, knowing full well that she would be spending Christmas with Peter Lawrence and not myself. Even though this was extremely emotionally upsetting for me, I agreed to help.

I went with her to the farm a few days before Christmas. Sophie Kovic’s brother-in-law Craig was there at the time, doing some work, and Sophie introduced me simply as a friend.

Sophie was very worried that her family would find out about her double life, as she had modeled herself as a squeaky-clean family woman, and told me her sister thought she was “perfect”.

Christmas was hard for me, solely because of the heartless and cruel way Sophie Kovic treated me. In fact, it was upsetting for both myself and Peter Lawrence that Sophie was leading a double life and seeing us both.

After Christmas, the dynamic between us changed. Sophie Kovic withdrew somewhat from the emotional side of our relationship and we saw each other only once a week. At this time, she was spending Thursday nights with me, and Friday and Saturday nights at The Farm with Peter Lawrence. She was open to both Peter Lawrence and myself about seeing us both, but the details and regularity were kept secret.

Sophie Kovic did not seem to care that this was painful for both of us. She continued to get what she wanted, and that was all that mattered to her. She lied to me constantly both directly and by omission.

Things moved along this way until March 2023. I took Sophie Kovic on mini breaks, and we continued to spend one night per week together, sleeping in the same bed, while she continued to spend weekends with Peter Lawrence.

She disregarded both my feelings and those of Peter Lawrence, whilst hiding a secret life from her family. I hope one day she understands that and that her actions have consequences for others.

On 8th February 2022 I had lunch with one of Sophie Kovic’s school friends, Rada. She told me that Sophie was boasting about milking both myself and Peter Lawrence for money. Rada described Sophie Kovic as a compulsive liar and narcissist, and as such did not have many friends at school or throughout her adult life.

Sophie Kovic Sugar baby relationship

Sophie Kovic Asks for a Bail Out

In mid-March 2023, Sophie Kovic called me. She was quite upset, as one of the neighbours on her community title property at The Channon had complained to Lismore council about illegal development she had undertaken.

Sophie Kovic loved that plot of land. It was a little oasis for her. She had constructed a tiny house, a studio, and a natural swimming pool; however, she had not applied for development consent for the majority of the structures.

The most blatant and dangerous disregard for planning regulations was that she had built a swimming pool, however refused to build a pool fence as it would spoil the aesthetic. This was obviously in blatant disregard for the safety of children.

Lismore Council ordered Sophie Kovic to construct a pool fence or drain the pool within 14 days, however she had neither the funds nor the contacts to do so.

As a property developer, she asked me to step in and organise the construction of the fence, as well as loan her $35,000 to construct it. I worked closely with Sophie Kovic over the next 3 weeks to design and oversee the construction of the fence.

Sophie Kovic appeared to be grateful for my help in this, however she never repaid me and in June 2023 I took legal action against her for recovery of this and other funds she owed me to the value of $58,000 plus costs. This, of course, would not effect Sophie as she had no money of her own, and would expect her partner Peter Lawrence to bail her out.

Sophie Kovic’s Lies Get Bigger

In early 2023 I had been getting closer to Sophie Kovic’s brother-in-law Craig Goldsworthy, as we had shared interests. We were trying to arrange a catch up to go surfing.

Sophie had previously told me not to have contact with Craig in case he discovered her double life.

In April 2023, Sophie Kovic asked Peter Lawrence to concoct a story which would throw Craig “off the scent” and discourage him from interacting with me.

Sophie Kovic and our sex work arrangement

On 12th April, Peter Lawrence was with Craig at Sophie Kovic’s property. He took Craig aside and fabricated a story that Sophie felt uncomfortable around me. He requested Craig had no more involvement with me, and for Craig not to tell Sophie’s sister about this.

Craig then messaged me to see what was really going on, and I had no choice but to tell him the truth — that Sophie Kovic and I were in an intimate relationship. He then talked to Peter Lawrence, who admitted the story had been a lie.

That evening, Peter Lawrence messaged me to apologise:

Peter Lawrence Sophie Kovic's sugar daddy

I wasn’t intending to disrespect you or be hurtful toward you, I was simply trying to throw Craig off the scent and get him to just let go of being involved, primarily for Sophie’s sake.You’ve always been very kind and generous to Soph and I don’t harbour any ill feelings toward you at all.

— Peter Lawrence, 12th April 2022

The following day, Craig messaged me saying “Fuck it, we can hang out”. He then came to my house to hear the truth about my relationship with Sophie Kovic.

It was then that Sophie’s biggest and most brazen lie came to light.

This lie would lead me to finally end the relationship, which in hindsight should have been something I did months before.

In early April 2023 when Sophie Kovic and I planned and booked a holiday to a luxury spa in the Daintree. We booked the trip for May 2023.

Whilst Craig was at my house, he let slip that Sophie Kovic had organised a six-week holiday with Peter Lawrence and her family at the same time we were meant to be together in the Daintree.

I later came to learn from Sophie that she was planning to tell me by text message after she left, even though a substantial non-refundable deposit had been paid.

The following day, I confronted Sophie Kovic and ended the relationship and our sex-work contract. I also recovered the car which I had loaned her for the past four months and requested a refund of our contract fee for the month of May.

The latter upset Sophie greatly as she somehow felt entitled to receive money from me even though she was not going to fulfill he contractual obligations.

I met Sophie Kovic one more time after that, in mid-June 2023. Her behaviour was defensive. She told me that she was in love with Peter Lawrence, despite the fact that she was currently seeking a new sugar-daddy with an active profile on

Soon after ending my sugar-dating arrangement with Sophie Kovic I was lucky enough to meet my current partner and move on from the pain and heartache that Sophie had caused me.

I came to realise her actions towards me were selfish and callous, with little or no regard for my feelings, and have made peace with that.

I hope that this story gives you some insight as to the world of sugar-dating — at least my experience with that world. It would seem to me that Sophie Kovic, like many sugar-babies, was only interested in money and had no regard for the feelings or well-being of the person they are seeing.

Sophie Kovic mental health issues

Sophie Kovic’s Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues, particularly Sophie’s, played a big part in this story. They shaped our relationship in a negative way and ultimately led to its downfall. I came to believe that Sophie is a deeply troubled individual.

Sophie Kovic was on a mental health plan when we met, suffering depression and anxiety. Whilst this is not uncommon, Sophie seemed to easily succumbed to this, often locking herself away and not communicating. This is typical of a dismissive avoidant person.

I regularly experienced callous and uncaring behavior from her following those periods, where she seemed unconcerned about my feelings.

This on-again, off-again behavioural pattern ultimately took a toll on my own mental health.

Sophie Kovic is the product of a broken home. Her father left when she was young and she grew up alone with her mother. The effect this had on Sophie’s life and our sugar dating arrangement has been traumatic.

I believe that Sophie Kovic is a severely troubled individual, with deep unhealed childhood trauma, and that this makes it impossible for her to have a healthy relationship.

She appears to crave attention from older men — the last 3 of her partners have been around 20 years older than her — however she is often seemingly callous and cruel in return, as she was to me. She appears to have little or no regard for other peoples feelings.

It seemed to me that she is trying to punish the men in her life for the sins of a father who is never there.

Sophie has a particular way of getting what she wants. She often went all soft and sweet, and used a little girl voice to manipulate me.

When you are caught up in a relationship with someone like this, it’s very hard to distance yourself and not give in. She has done this to me on many occasions, and I now believe it was her way of exploiting and coercing me to give her what she wanted.

As mentioned before, Sophie Kovic appears to have almost no regard for the feelings of others. She will seemingly use people to get her way and push them away when she doesn’t need more from them. There is a constant pushing away and drawing in, which I have witnessed with both myself and her partner Peter Lawrence.

At times it feels like she pushes people away so that she can experience the pleasure of the other person trying to win her back — like she has an overwhelming need for adoration — seemingly without any thought for how much she hurts others by doing so.

This seemingly Narcissistic behaviour had a large and detrimental effect on her relationships with both myself and Peter Lawrence, and I have no doubt will it affect her future relationships.

When I met Sophie she was on a mental health plan for depression and anxiety. There is no shame or harm in this, however Sophie’s behaviour towards me was often cruel and hurtful.

During our relationship I came to know one of Sophie’s school friends named Rada. Rada warned me about Sophie, telling me that Sophie was bad news —  a narcissistic who would use me and lie to me for her own purposes without any remorse. I came to know that Rada was most likely correct.

It became clear to me early on that Sophie was preoccupied with a sense of entitlement. She seems to feel that the world owes her the best, and that she is entitled to have it. Sophie seemed obsessed with leading a fantastic life, but is trapped in the mindset that she should not have to work for it.

Sophie Kovic, despite owning her own business, seems to rely on wealthy older men such as Peter Lawrence and myself to supply that lifestyle.

It took me a long time to understand that the way Sophie Kovic treated me was not because I had done anything wrong. I believe that Sophie suffers deep seated childhood trauma. I believe she either a dismissive avoidant or suffers narcissistic personality disorder.

Closure is something a dismissive avoidant will rarely give you. They are people who deeply fear emotional intimacy. Dismissive avoidants learn from childhood that emotional closeness equals abandonment, just as Sophie’s father abandoned her at a young age.

Dismissive avoidants retreat from you because the relationship is going so well — because they feel they are not good enough for you. It is safer for them to be the abandoner, rather than to be abandoned. They feel unworthy of a healthy partner and retreat at any cost.

It is important to look at the motivation for Sophie Kovic to undertake sex-work. Her company, Seed & Sprout was in financial difficulty, however this is not the only reason.

It is a crucial part of my story as it shaped our relationship and therefore had a huge influence on my life.

Sophie Kovic is a self-proclaimed “successful” entrepreneur and founder of Seed & Sprout. She has been the subject of numerous lifestyle articles in recent years for her various business ventures. She is also a well known internet personality.

A closer examination, however, reveals a pattern of financial difficulties throughout her life, with her business ventures struggling to stay afloat.

Sophie Kovic my sugar baby drinking cocktails in 5 star resort

Seed & Sprout And Other Motivations for Sophie to Become a Sugar-Baby

Outwardly, one can say that Sophie Kovic’s motivation for being a sugar-baby was money.

After spending eight months in a close relationship with her, I believe that there were other factors in play.

The most telling indication of this was that Sophie Kovic’s long-term partner, Peter Lawrence, was more than capable of looking after her financially, yet Sophie Kovic chose to lead a double life as a sugar-baby whilst still being in a relationship with him.

I believe this indicates that her motivation was more than financial, and there was a deep unhappiness within her life that led her to sex-work.

This is not the first time that Sophie Kovic has worked as a sugar-baby, as she has done so in the past to make ends meet. I believe this seemed an easy option.

I also believe that Sophie secretly loved both the danger of leading a double life, and the emotional comfort of having an older man to look after her. She has said to me that this made her feel safe.

Sophie Kovic was on a mental health plan at the time of our relationship due to these stresses.

Seed & Sprout is Sophie Kovic’s fourth business. It has been suffering severe financial losses since 2022.

Sophie Kovic stepped away from the company’s leadership due to an internal dispute, and at the time of our relationship was unable to step back into the business due to mental health issues. Sophie Kovic has a large director’s debt to Seed & Sprout and that also played on her mind.

The financial situation at Seed & Sprout led to Sophie Kovic taking a significant cut in salary and needing to find money quickly to maintain her lifestyle.

In a message sent me by Sophie Kovic in September 2022, she admits a loss of confidence in Seed & Sprout:

Sophie Kovic Sex work seed & Sprout

“People ask me why I don’t just go back into the company and “fix it” but the truth is I just don’t seem able to. I lost my confidence and the whole business just gives me bad associations. My goals for the long term are to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again.”

— Sophie Kovic, 2nd September 2022

Taking my Sugar Baby Sophie Kovic to the Whitsundays

A Sugar-Baby’s obsession with Gifts and Holidays

It is to be expected that in a sugar-dating relationship, one would give gifts and take holidays with your sugar-baby. Sophie Kovic not only accepted gifts, but coerced me into giving them, often using a “little girl voice” or subtly manipulating a conversation around to something she wanted.

These gifts included 5-star holidays, jewellery, the loan of an expensive car and even Christmas presents for her son and family. There was a sense of entitlement as she felt the world owed her nice things.

Sophie took advantage of me in this respect, and eventually it had a large impact on our relationship.

Luxury Holidays

Soon after meeting my sugar-baby Sophie Kovic, we went on our first holiday together. This was a three day mini-break to Hayman Island, staying in a beach front villa. Sophie seemed a little upset about the one hour flight to Cairns, as I had booked economy. I just didn’t see the value in business class for such a short journey.

The rest of the trip was great however. We took a helicopter out to the reef and had a catered picnic, went snorkeling and ate in nice restaurants, as Sophie expected.

Our next trip was a three week visit to India in November 2022. We flew business class, stayed in luxury accommodation and took private cars for day-trips. Sophie Kovic seemed appreciative as everything was to her standard, and it was a great experience. She loved the attention bestowed by Indian hospitality.

After that, we took several mini-breaks in Australia, including Halcyon House, a luxury guest house in Cabarita.

Gifts Given to, and Requested by my Sugar-Baby

I was always happy to give gifts to Sophie. I am a naturally generous person and I like to make people happy.

The thing that did make me feel used by Sophie Kovic was when she requested gifts. These included nights away with her family, jewellery, and even her son’s Christmas present.

I came to realise in the end, that Sophie Kovic was using me all the while telling me she loved me and being callous with my heart.

Sophie Kovic always had a soft spot for nice jewellery, particularly Temple of the Sun who are a local Byron Bay company.

I did bought several necklaces and a gold ring for Sophie of my own accord, however another ring was hinted at in a way that sounded like she was asking for a commitment ring. You can still see her wearing these on her Instagram feed.

The Loan of a Car

Sophie Kovic ownes an old Toyota, which isn’t in great condition any more. Sophie continually hinted to me she would like a new car and we looked at Audi SUV’s both in the showroom and online.

From December 2022 to April 2023, Sophie Kovic borrowed my own spare car, also an Audi.

After our relationship broke up she argued to keep the car longer as I was demanding she return it immediately. Again this showed me her sense of entitlement and greed.

I made several cash loans to Sophie Kovic during the time of our relationship, including $35,000 for the pool fence she was ordered to construct by Lismore Council.

Sophie Kovic made no attempt to repay these loans and in July 2023 I took legal action against her for their recovery, to the value of $58,000.

I think the most disturbing thing about my gifts to Sophie Kovic was when she asked for something, rather than accepted a spontaneous gift.

Just after our trip to India Sophie Kovic asked me to pay for a 5-star hotel in Brisbane for herself and her family, so that they could attend a concert with her son. I payed for the hotel, however I was not invited as my relationship with her was still a secret from her family.

At Christmas 2022, Sophie Kovic started to talk to me about her sons Christmas present. He is a musician, and wanted a $5,000 electric cello and amplifier. I guess a sense of entitlement runs in the family. Sophie said she was worried as she could not afford the gifts, and was also having trouble sourcing the cello he wanted.

It was left up to me to source and pay for the cello and amplifier.

Sophie Kovic also asked me to buy Christmas presents for her brother-in-law, niece and nephew, as she stated she didn’t have time to do the shopping.

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